Latihan Kawad & Jasmani Pengawal

Pihak pegawai operasi Zins Security ada melakukan latihan kawad berkala untuk semua pengawal di tempat bertugas. Ini adalah untuk memastikan setiap pengawal Nepal dan tempatan berada dalam keadaan cergas dan berdisiplin dalam melakukan tugasan sebagai pengawal keselamatan. Setiap pengawal juga akan di berikan latihan jasmani kardio untuk meningkatkan stamina masing-masing.

Zins Security Paintball Session

A paintball session organised at Southern Legion, Kajang joined by our HQ team. Purpose of the event is to encourage teamwork and cooperation among our staffs.

Throw back program paintball with office staff.

Zins Security Dinner Ceremony

On 22nd November 2019, Zins Security Services had organised an annual dinner night at Tenera Hotel, Bangi. The purpose of the event was to celebrate our staffs that had been contributing their efforts for the company throughout the years. This event was also joined by BMW Motorrad Club Malaysia (BMWMCM) in regards of their jersey launching ceremony sponsored by the company. Staffs that received recommendation for their commitment and effort were presented with awards for their good services.

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